10 Apr



Dear parents,

The registration is now open for all new children for AZBUKA Nursery and Sсhool. See below the Admission Procedure (full Admission Policy could be found on our website).

THE DEADLINE FOR RETURNING SHORT REGISTRATION FORM IS 30 APRIL 2020. Please note that we have very limited capacity for some sections of AZBUKA

Kind regards, AZBUKA

Registration and admission (throughout the academic year)

Register your interest by completing the Registration for Intake Form on the home page of our website. You will receive an automated confirmation that your child’s name has been put on the waiting and mailing list. For further information on School and Nursery please see our Prospectus on the website, attend AZBUKA Open Evening for Parents twice a year and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and News Section on our website.

Admission process for the following academic year normally opens in March. Letters and Short Registration form are sent to the parents on the waiting list. We will arrange for you and your child to come for an interview/assessment, or an examination (School from Year 1); and interview /visit (Nursery/Reception).

! Due to the current situation the interviews might be conducted online.

Registration deadline. You confirm your acceptance by sending back the signed Short Registration Form and non-refundable deposit of £40 by the date specified by School. Any supporting documents (covering letters, medical assessments (if applicable), reports, should be received by the school by the date of the interview, examination or the visit day. If any child requires a bursary, the school should also be informed prior to the interview. We will also require any reports (character or academic) from the current or last nursery or school – local or those from abroad. We will make any reasonable adjustments during the admission/interview/examination process for the children with SEND or disability. The assessments/documents will be reviewed by the school prior to the Interview and the parents will be contacted to discuss any special arrangements.

Visit/examination/interview. The parents will be offered a day/time slot for an interview/examination/visit.

Provisional place offer. Successful candidates will receive the official letter offering a provisional place for the child. The full Admission Pack will be sent to you with all relevant instructions, forms and Terms and Conditions.

Admission. The child is officially admitted to Azbuka on receipt of all the necessary documentation of the Admission Pack and the main school deposit (£650). The deadline is specified by the School. The deposit is not refunded if the pupil is withdrawn prior to formal entry (first day of term). The deposit is refunded on request when the child leaves school and the parents give the school a term notice in writing.

Reserve List. If we cannot accommodate the successful candidate, pupil’s name is carried forward and kept on the Reserve List until a place becomes available.

All unsuccessful candidates will be informed in writing.

(for places at AZBUKA Saturday school please fill in the Registration for Intake Online Form)

06 Apr

”Distance learning at AZBUKA is a success story, but we still miss the real school!”

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“Distance learning at AZBUKA is a success story, but we still miss the real school!” – wrote to us our students and parents.

Letter from the governors and Maria Gavrilova head teacher and founder of AZBUKA Foundation (scroll down for English):

Уважаемые и дорогие родители!

Мы переживаем очень сложное, волнительное время – для родителей, учителей и руководителей Школы.

Мы делаем все возможное (и порой, невозможное) для того, чтобы наши дети продолжали обучение в прекрасной школе и садике, единственном подобном русско-английском культурном пространстве в этой стране.

Но, как показывает история и жизнь, ничего не проходит бесследно, ничто не вечно, и ничего не бывает однозначно черным или белым. Потерям и лишениям всегда сопутствует осознание чего-то нового, важного, то, что казалось незначительным раньше. Даже дети начинают ценить то, что раньше казалось простой данностью. Ну и, конечно, такие времена заставляют нас учиться многому новому. За грустью последует радость. Важно попробовать донести это даже до самых маленьких детей.

Я думаю, что многие из нас теперь еще больше ждут возвращения в настоящую реальную АЗБУКУ – и дети, и родители, и учителя. А те, кто покидает нас в конце учебного года, возможно, приведут в будущем своих младших детей, внуков или друзей.

Я желаю вам спокойных весенних каникул вместе со своими семьями и очень надеюсь на скорую встречу.

Мария Гаврилова,
Директор Школы, учредитель фонда

Dear parents,

As you know, coronavirus has imposed a heavy burden, directly affecting the health of some of us and the lives and incomes of everyone.

With the school closure measures imposed by the government, Azbuka will unfortunately be unable to operate from its premises in the summer term and the nursery classes will not run, but we will continue to run our online School providing excellent distance learning for our pupils.

The Reception teachers are preparing few online sessions/resources to support the additional learning of this group while staying at home.

The staff and governors are doing everything possible to minimise the impact of these measures, maintain our excellent staff, continue to run the primary school online and prepare for our future resumption of full operations – which we hope will happen by the time of the next academic year.

Your support will show solidarity and ensure that we can continue the work of AZBUKA Nursery and school in the autumn term.

Dear colleagues,

The governors held their most recent meeting this Friday, and were very keen to write to you to express their deep gratitude for your extraordinary efforts and dedication at Azbuka at this difficult time.

You have proved exceptional in your capacity to maintain high quality teaching, adapt to online learning and develop additional resources with very little notice – all while coping with the stress of coronavirus on your own and your families’ health and daily existence.

With your continued efforts, we are confident that Azbuka will continue to operate, resume its full activities and grow in the months ahead.

Thank you again for your wonderful commitment to making Azbuka such a successful school. It is deeply appreciated.

With best wishes,

AZBUKA Governors

Image by Yulia Somina

20 Mar


Dear parents,

On behalf of the governors and staff of AZBUKA, we thank you for all your support and understanding at this difficult time.

Our top priority is the health of our children, teachers and community, alongside our pupils’ continued education. We are constantly in contact with each other and colleagues elsewhere, and are monitoring official advice from the health and education authorities to decide how best to respond.

The teachers have been preparing learning packs and developing distance learning options so we can continue to keep children supported in the weeks ahead. Different areas of learning and subjects have been covered, including non-screen family activities and additional complementary resources. We will be in touch again soon with further information and advice.

We are also exploring different ways for AZBUKA to continue its work. We also ask for your support, understanding and solidarity at what is a difficult time for our operations.

Together, the AZBUKA community can live our values and re-emerge stronger in the future.

For all news and memos, please refer to our school website (NEWS) or your e-mail address.

Maria Gavrilova, headteacher

19 Mar


Dear parents,

NURSERY/PRE-SCHOOL (2yo –Reception)

AZBUKA Nursery and Reception will now close from Monday until further notice.
The last day will be tomorrow, Friday, 20 th March.

THE LEARNING PACKS WITH ALL MATERIALS FOR RECEPTION WILL BE READY FOR PARENTS TO COLLECT TOMORROW AFTERNOON. The list of resources for the Nursery will be sent out to all parents by e-mail.


We would like to remind you that the last day of teaching on school premises  will be today, Thursday, 19 March.
The teachers will still be working on Friday to finish the preparation for distance learning in the upcoming weeks.


THIS FRIDAY BETWEEN 15.00 AND 16.00 (3-4PM).

We would be very grateful if you could organise collection from Studland Hall (School building), as it will be very difficult to send it by post and impossible to send by e-mail.
Пожалуйста, помогите друг другу.

Kind regards,
Maria Gavrilova

18 Mar


Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that the last day of teaching on school premises  will be tomorrow,
Thursday, 19 March.
Tomorrow’s swimming session is cancelled.
The teachers will still be working on Friday to finish the preparation for distance learning in the upcoming weeks.


We would be very grateful if you could organise collection from Studland Hall (School building), as it will be very difficult to send it by post and impossible to send by e-mail.
Пожалуйста, помогите друг другу.

NURSERY (2yo –Reception)
The Nursery and Reception will stay open until further notice. The situation is reviewed daily. Please check your e-mail daily. All  urgent news and announcements will be available to parents via e-mail and parents WhatsApp group.

Kind regards,
Maria Gavrilova

09 Mar


FROM: the Governors of AZBUKA Russian-English bilingual school:
To: all parents and staff

Dear parents and staff,
We take wellbeing of children and staff as high priority. The COVID-19 will be having
impact on all our lives (in school, travel, public spaces and at home) and we all have duty to
help reduce the threat of catching or passing on the virus.
No school should close in response to a suspected (or confirmed) COVID-19 case unless advised to do so by Public Health England.

Check and follow official advice

As the situation on COVID-19 is changing regularly we advise you regularly check and follow official scientific and government advice (backed up by health professionals).  
Latest advice, regularly updated:
It is IMPORTANT to follow this advice – that also states:
Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people if you’ve travelled to the UK from the following
places in the last 14 days, even if you do not have symptoms:

[refer website for latest list of countries]


Caution on some reports in media and social media, that can on occasion spread incorrect

Actions put in place by Azbuka:

  • AZBUKA is following government advice and regularly reviewing the situation
  • All staff and parents to regularly update themselves with official government advice – and to follow such advice
  • School to be informed immediately should any case occur within close family members at home
  • Keep away from AZBUKA (or any other educational setting) if you think you or your child may have symptoms and inform the educational setting
  • Cleaning has been enhanced
  • Antibacterial gel provided
  • All children, staff and visitors to wash hands on first arrival at school
  • Children and staff wash hands regularly and before eating
  • Social distancing – no need to shake hands – no offence will be taken!
  • School visits – risk assessments will be reviewed and school visits may be reduced or cancelled
  • Outdoor play – risk assessment will be reviewed and precautions taken to minimise risk
  • Mental-health wellbeing – please be aware that children can be vulnerable to over-worry and distress. It is therefore important to reassure children that this is a temporary event, whilst it may last some months it will end. Discussion should be age-appropriate, not to cause panic or undue distress, but it is an opportunity to reinforce – to all the family – importance of maintaining good personal hygiene, especially of regular hand washing.

Further reading:
Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response
UK Department of Health and Social Care: Coronavirus action plan: a guide to what you can expect
across the UK, Published 3 March 2020

We thank you for all your support in this.

10 Feb

Open Day for Parents

AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual Primary School OPEN EVENING for parents (please scroll down for English version).
Приглашаем всех заинтересованных родителей на ДЕНЬ ОТКРЫТЫХ ДВЕРЕЙ в Русско-английской начальной школе АЗБУКА с полной программой обучения (с понедельника по пятницу).

4 марта 2020 (среда) в 19.00 в здании Начальной школы и Детского сада АЗБУКА по адресу: AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual Primary School & Nursery, Studland Hall, Studland Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0JS (карта). 

Для записи напишите нам Ваше имя и фамилию по адресу admin@azbukafoundation.org,

Запись обязательна. Просим сообщить об участии заблаговременно! Места ограничены.

Мероприятие будет проходить на русском языке, вопросы и ответы на русском и английском языках.

День открытых дверей проводится только два раза в год, не пропустите этой возможности. 


AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual Primary School OPEN EVENING for parents.
Wednesday, 4th March 2020 at 7pm at our premises in Hammersmith. 

Address: AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual Primary School & Nursery, Studland Hall, Studland Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0JS (map)

All parents are welcome. Book early to guarantee a place. Just email your full name to admin@azbukafoundation.org

This event will be held in Russian, Questions & Answers in both languages.

Please note that Open Evenings take place only twice a year.

25 Dec

AZBUKA is now closed for the Winter holidays

Dear Parents, Pupils, Friends, and Followers.
AZBUKA is now closed for the Winter holidays. Here are the dates children return to school:
9th January 2020 – Russian-English Primary School and Nursery (Hammersmith site)
11th January 2020 – Saturday School including all after school clubs (Kew Gardens site)

AZBUKA Office will reopen on the 6 of January.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the most Wonderful New Year!

Дорогие друзья!
Школа и Детский сад АЗБУКА закрыты на зимние каникулы.
Начало занятий:
9 января 2020 – в Русско-английской билингвальной школе и Детском саду.
11 января 2020 года – в Субботней школе + все кружки.

Офис школы АЗБУКА закрыт до 6 января.

Счастливого всем Нового года и Рождества!


21 Dec

Christmas performances and End of Term Concerts at AZBUKA

Christmas performances and End of Term Concerts at AZBUKA! Scroll down for English. 

Вот и погремели Новогодние выступления и концерты в нашей АЗБУКЕ! Представляем нашим друзьям, родителям, и подписчикам – фотохронику! 
Детский сад выступил с мьюзиклом «Баба Яга и Новый год»! Русско-английская билингвальная школа с рождественским концертом и театром теней! Субботняя школа с концертом «Голубой огонёк»! 

We were spoilt this festive December with amazing performances from AZBUKA!Here are some photos for our friends, parents and followers! 

AZBUKA Nursery presented a musical “Baba-Yaga and New Year”! AZBUKA Russian English Primary School immersed the audience in the solemnity of the Nativity of Jesus Christ told through dazzling shadow theatre, a wriggly festival followed by a chorus of angelic Russian lullabies! 
AZBUKA Saturday School invited parents to nostalgic variety show “Little Blue Light” (Goluboy Ogonyok)! Creativity never stops at AZBUKA!