17 Jun

The End-of-year Performance of ‘Barmaley’ at the AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual School and Nursery

On Friday 17th June we all assembled at the Azbuka Russian-English School and Nursery for a drama production – a matinée performance based on the story of Korney Chukovsky’s ‘Barmaley’.

It was so colourful, cheerful, bright and unique! The children were well prepared and unfazed by the size of the audience. The musical accompaniment was wonderful, as were the songs, the dancing and the stage set, all of it hand-made; the children acted beautifully and even the most fickle audience could not fail to be moved by the performance of our very own Barmaley, small but fearsome, and Aibolit, so caring and cheerful.

Many thanks to our children, their carers and teachers for such an unforgettable performance.

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