10 May

Distance learning at AZBUKA. Виртуальная школа АЗБУКА.

1. Children investigated where everyday products originated from in Africa and had to create a ‘Messy Map’ as part of their art lesson linked to Topic: Africa/Kenya

2. Creating their own yoga poses. Koala bear

3. African inspired necklace using repeating patterns

4. As part of topic they had to research similarities and differences between their life and a child’s life in Kenya. After doing this, one of our pupils explores other parts of Africa and played a traditional Ghanaian game!

5. Learning about time

6. Kenya travel brochure

7. Using objects for division

8. Personalised stamp

9. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Year 3s have been journalists investigating the events that have taken place in Ancient China.
These fantastic newspaper reports tell of Aladdin’s prospect of marrying the Princess Badr-al-Budurr. Will all be happy ever after for Aladdin? Watch this space!
10.  Easter Photography Challenge. Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.