12 Oct

AZBUKA news. AZBUKA Russian-English School is growing!

We have had the pleasure of welcoming our new Year 2 students and extend a warm greeting to all students who joined us this academic year.

We are also pleased to announce the start of a new maths teaching programme based on the Russian mathematical methodology developed by Ludmila Peterson. Our teachers and students have received full official support in implementing this system of deep learning in maths, and will be continuing our collaboration with experts in the Peterson method. Of course this is supplemented by lessons, taught in English and Russian in alternating terms, covering the maths objectives of the UK National Curriculum at Key Stage 1.

The Peterson method emphasises genuine understanding of number and how it can be manipulated, rather than a narrow focus on purely procedural repetition. Once this understanding is secure, our teachers build on it to help children to be confident as they explore the wider areas of geometry, measurement and data handling.

We are delighted to welcome Anastasia Stone, the founder and managing director of the London School of Mathematics and Programming, as our maths coordinator in order to embed this new system.