10 Mar

Registration and Admission to AZBUKA Russian-English School & Nursery 2021-2022 is now open


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Началась регистрация на обучение в Русско-английской начальной школе АЗБУКА (дети от 5 до 10 лет) и Детском саду АЗБУКА (2-4 лет) на 2021-2022 учебный год.

Последний день регистрации 22 марта 2021.

Для регистрации Вашей заявки необходимо заполнить форму «Заявка на обучение» (Register your Interest) на сайте Фонда АЗБУКА www.azbukafoundation.org

В ответ на Вашу заявку Вам будет выслана Короткая регистрационная форма и инструкция по оплате регистрационного депозита £40. Далее Вы будете приглашены на интервью/посещение школы.

Русско-английская школа АЗБУКА является независимой селективной школой. Количество мест в классах строго ограничено. В начальной школе АЗБУКА используется программа двустороннего языкового погружения, совмещающая английские и российские учебные методики. Преподавание ведется на двух языках.

Вся дополнительная информация о приеме в Школу и Детский сад находится на сайте www.azbukafoundation.org в разделе ПРИЕМ (Admission).


Registration has begun for places at AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual School and Nursery for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Nursery for children 2-4 years old

Reception for children who will have turned 4 before 1st September 2021

Year 1 for children who will have turned 5 before 1st September 2021

Year 2 for children who will have turned 6 before 1st September 2021

Year 3 for children who will have turned 7 before 1st September 2021

Year 4 for children who will have turned 8 before 1st September 2021

Year 5 for children who will have turned 9 before 1st September 2021

Year 6 for children who will have turned 10 before 1st September 2021

Deadline for the registration – 22 March 2021

IMPORTANT! Due to a very limited class capacity, there are limited number of places available. Please do not miss the deadline!


  • Register your interest by completing the Registration for Intake Form on the home page of our website. (If you have already completed this step – please go to the next point). You will receive an automated confirmation that your child’s name has been put on the waiting and mailing list.
  • Admission process. Short Registration Form is sent to the parents. We will arrange for you and your child to come for an interview/assessment, or an examination (School from Year 1); and interview /visit (Nursery/Reception).
  • Registration deadline. You confirm your acceptance by sending back the signed Short Registration Form and the payment confirmation of Registration Deposit of £40 (non-refundable).

This must be sent to admin@azbukafoundation.org by the registration deadline 22 March 2021

Any supporting documents (covering letters, medical assessments (if applicable), reports should be received by the school by the date of the interview, examination or the visit day. If any child requires a bursary, the school should be informed prior to the interview and all relevant documents sent to the school administration. We will also require any reports (character or academic) from the current or last nursery or school – local or those from abroad.

We will make any reasonable adjustments during the admission/interview/examination process for the children with SEND or disability. The assessments/documents will be reviewed by the school prior to the Interview and the parents will be contacted to discuss any special arrangements.

  • Visit/examination/interview. The parents will be offered a day/time slot for an interview/examination/visit.
  • Provisional place offer. Successful candidates will receive the official letter offering a provisional place for the child. The full Admission Pack will be sent to parents with all relevant instructions, forms and Terms and Conditions.
  • Admission. The child is officially admitted to AZBUKA on receipt of all the necessary documentation of the Admission Pack and the Main School Deposit (£650). The deadline is specified by the School. The deposit is not refunded if the pupil is withdrawn prior to formal entry (first day of term). The deposit is refunded on request when the child leaves school and the parents give the school a term notice in writing.
  • Reserve List. If we cannot accommodate the successful candidate, pupil’s name is carried forward and kept on the Reserve List until a place becomes available.
  • All unsuccessful candidates will be informed in writing.

For more information on Admission Policies and Procedures please go to our website www.azbukafoundation.org tub ADMISSION.

Kind regards,

AZBUKA Administration