28 Jan

Unexpected and very pleasant surprise!

The joy of learning that our 4 year old son wants to go to school was simply overwhelming. He started Reception year in September 2015 at Azbuka school in Mortlake and after the first term break he was so keen to go back to school that the night before the first day of the second term a miracle happened – he for once behaved as a responsible adult and went to bed without even a hint of trying to sneak out of it.

Several months before that, my wife and I had no problem with making a decision to apply for a place at a school that didn’t even exist at the time – in fact, it didn’t even have any premises to call itself a school. However, the thesis behind the proposition – a fully bilingual education in English and Russian following English curricula – was strong and unique enough for us to take chances.

Then followed a series of pleasant surprises: school building turned out to be in a converted church, which previously had been a host to a school – with all necessary modern fixtures and fittings tastefully contrasting with original church features, an abundance of open space and a variety of kids’ accessories. Teachers and managers turned out to be not only as a dedicated, determined and highly qualified team of professionals, but also interesting and nice individuals. Daily studies and activities are varied, engaging and creative. The whole environment inspires and encourages learning.

So, after all, we should not be surprised our son wants to go to school. In fact, I secretly wish I could somewhat go back in time and go to Azbuka from the age of 4 myself. I am sure had I had that chance I would have done much better in life. But then at least I have an excuse…
Andrei Rybak