29 Jun

News from the AZBUKA Bilingual School and Nursery – Trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew

Once again, our children have landed on their feet!  This time it was having their lessons not in their school building but in the Royal Botanical Gardens!


The trip began with a tour of the Pagoda and the Japanese Garden and continued with a walk to Queen Charlotte’s Cottage.

Along the way children gathered twigs, cones, dry grass and leaves and used them to build a little den for the insects next to the Cottage.


The highlight of the day, though, was the badgers’ sett.  The children climbed inside, following the walkways, some using torches to light their way.  Some of the mothers even summoned up the courage to step into the dark!


Lunch was a right royal treat.  Children and adults took their seats at the table from the famous tale of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and admired the beautiful view of a splendid cedar-tree surrounded by peacocks.  After lunch the children settled down on the grass for an hour of peace and quiet.  They listened to the story of Tsokotukha the Fly and tried to solve the riddles.


But there was more to come for our intrepid travellers – the tree-top walk adventure! They took the rocket lift right up to the highest point and walked among the tops of the trees where they marvelled at the view of the entire Botanical Gardens.

In the warm sunshine the children continued their walk along the mysterious path that leads to the Serpentine Bridge and Lake. Along the way they gazed at the ducks and swans and explored the tiny island at the centre of the lake with the little Japanese ‘Minka’ house set among the bamboo thicket. The house, brought here from Japan, is 100 years old!

Sincere thanks go to all the teachers and carers who organised such a wonderful outing for our children.