AZBUKA Bilingual Education Resource

AZBUKA Bilingual Education Resource for all children and families and the wider community. To raise the awareness of the benefits of bilingual education and provide support to a wide range of families in London (regardless of the languages spoken).

As well as practical help for a wide range of bilingual education groups in England. This will be done through offering library resources, courses, talks, seminars, help with premises, especially to a smaller language groups in London.

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We are happy to announce that the Azbuka International Children’s Orchestra in London will launch in the Spring Term 2022 at the Azbuka Russian-English Bilingual school in Ravenscourt Park. Azbuka is a unique educational and cultural project in the UK, the leading Russian-English bilingual school and a charitable foundation open to the wider community of families in London and beyond. Azbuka Orchestra is open to all young musicians both from Azbuka and schools in the surrounding area.

Our aims and vision

  • All instruments will be considered for entry to the orchestra, making the ensemble unique.
  • The orchestra will be overseen and lead by professional international musicians and offers a unique experience for students to discover and play repertoire from different countries and a wide range of cultural and musical backgrounds.
  • We wish to empower our students through musical performance to reach new levels of artistic expression and to learn to work together as a team playing and performing music together.
  • We hope to bring our work into the public eye through regular concerts.

To apply for entry please follow this link to read more information and register your interest.