About Us

The AZBUKA Foundation has been pioneering Russian-English bilingual education since its launch in 2000. The AZBUKA Nursery was opened in 2002 and became the UK’s first Ofsted registered pre-school, with a Russian curriculum for bilingual children.

Since then, the Foundation established a Saturday school for older children and a Russian Children’s Cultural Centre, both of which were instant successes which were quickly over-subscribed.

In 2015, AZBUKA went on to fulfill its dream with the opening of the UK’s first primary school with a full-time Russian-English bilingual education programme. It has since won widespread approval for its creative and innovative methodology, embracing and celebrating both languages and cultures – providing children with the best of both worlds.

AZBUKA Foundation is a non-profit independent organisation comprising:

AZBUKA Timeline

2001 – AZBUKA organisation created operating as Russian Cultural Club for multilingual families.

2002 – The first Ofsted registered Russian Nursery School in England opened.

2005 – Russian Saturday School with the specialist curriculum (Russian in the bilingual context) started for children from 5 years old.

2011– AZBUKA recognised by Department for Education (DfE) to be working within the English legislation (Early Years Foundation Stage) for pre-school education.

2013 – AZBUKA Foundation (registered charity and non-profit organisation governed by a Board of Trustees) formed. The key objective of AZBUKA Foundation is to progress into a full-time bilingual education project, incorporating all the existing elements under the unique umbrella of AZBUKA Foundation.

2015 – lessons began at London’s first Russian-English Bilingual School AZBUKA, which offers a full teaching programme (from Monday to Friday).

Track record

AZBUKA has been operating since 2001.

More than 700 children studied in AZBUKA organization since its creation in 2001.

AZBUKA Club has a wide membership having provided a vast range of cultural and educational events.

Popularity and effectiveness of AZBUKA has resulted in long waiting lists.

Children travel to AZBUKA from all over London (including central London and the Home Counties).

AZBUKA teachers are qualified and highly experienced in working with children in Early Years Education, primary and secondary school programmes.

AZBUKA teaching staff provides external training on bilingual education to educationalists, teachers and parents. Training and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is seen as an important element of AZBUKA, with AZBUKA staff attending training courses, taking part and publishing at international bilingual conferences.