AZBUKA Saturday School

Saturday (Complementary School). The School has been the second part of our bilingual education programme since 2005. For children aged from 5 to16 year olds.

AZBUKA has developed a special curriculum, aiming for developing Russian as a second language and maintaining a Russian identity in the bilingual context, through Azbuka language immersion methodology. The development of the curriculum has reflected the specialisms and interests of the Foundation members (in Russian Philology and Applied Linguistics) as well as the experience and work in the field of bilingual education today.

The AZBUKA programme of Russian in the bilingual context has proved to be very successful for a vast number of families. The Saturday School is currently extremely popular and heavily oversubscribed, presently is mostly only able to admit pupils who have previously attended AZBUKA Nursery.

The Saturday School is based in Kew, West London.

+44 (0) 781 001 3042
Cumberland Road, Kew Richmond TW9 3HJ, United Kingdom.