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«The school’s bilingual curriculum is a key strength. It is well planned and implemented. Pupils enjoy learning all subjects in Russian and English; they make rapid progress in both languages»

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AZBUKA Russian-English School & Nursery term dates 2017-2018

Autumn 2017

7th Sept – 15/16th Dec 2017
Half-term: Mon 23 Oct -Mon 30 October
Inset days (Staff only) 1-6 September/18-19 December

Spring 2018

Tue 9th Jan – Wed 28 March
Half-term: Mon 12th Feb – Fri 16th Feb
Inset days (staff only) 4-8 Jan/ 29 March

Summer 2018

Tue 17th April – 29 June
Half-term: Mon 28th May – 4 June
Inset days (staff only) 12-16 Apr/2 July – mid July


Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce