AZBUKA Russian-English Primary School

AZBUKA Russian-English Primary School admits children between the ages of 5 and 10. To ensure we provide the very best education for our children, the maximum class size is 12 pupils.

We take a child-centered, inquiry- based approach to learning, allowing children to explore the world around us, language and literacy, maths, social and emotional, physical and musical education through stimulating learning experiences and play-based activities.

Children follow a unique programme ensuring equal language distribution. Each class has two teachers dedicated to teaching in their native language.

Under our specialist programme, the subjects are taught in rotation, allowing children to explore, learn and develop their vocabulary and skill sets in both languages.

The AZBUKA School meets all Ofsted and independent school requirements and fully prepares children for UK and Russian standardised testing, allowing for a seamless transition to secondary education in Russia or the UK.

Curriculum Subjects and Areas of Learning

Two-way immersion bilingual curriculum. Our curriculum is a blend of the Russian and the English education systems.

Subjects are taught in both Russian and English. The curriculum complies with all English legislation relating to primary school education, enhanced with the best of Russia’s educational traditions in maths, science, music, art, language, literature and the humanities.

Subjects and areas of learning:
Maths, Russian, English, the World around Us (history, geography, science), ICT, music, art, dance, third foreign language (from year 3) – language of the family or another language, citizenship and culture. After-school and evening clubs are run by the AZBUKA Foundation.
Homework and projects begin in year 1.

Language distribution in the curriculum

50%-50% in core subjects


Native Russian and English teachers, qualified professionals, with teaching experience from the UK, Russia, the Baltic States, Europe and the rest of the world. Most teachers have many years’ experience of teaching their subjects to monolingual or bilingual speakers in English or Russian schools or schools with a bilingual educational curriculum from around the world. All are DBS-checked.

Class sizes

Small class sizes – between 5 and 12 children.

Assessments and progress

Ongoing teacher observations, formative and summative assessments, tests, preparation for exams.

School lunches and uniform

There is the option of either packed lunch or hot lunch (subject to availability).
We have compulsory uniform from Reception class.


9.00am – 3.00pm

Monday – Friday.

3 terms a year. The academic year runs from the beginning of September to the end of June. The spring term starts after Russian Christmas (7th January).


By waiting list. Priority is given to children who have attended the AZBUKA Nursery and to siblings of the Nursery and School.

Year 1 (5 years old) – admission by interview only. A good balance of Russian and English is required (Russian language competence being more important at this stage).

Year 3 (7 years old) – admission by interview and entry examinations in English, Russian and maths.

Open days

Open Days for parents are run twice a year.